Guest Selection by Sarah Packingham: Preston Gunderson, “Accidental Love Letters”

June 29th, 2012  |  by Nels Thoreson   |  Published in Featured Songs

The Troubadour’s Road is pleased to present the last pick in guest selection week on the website.  The Troubadour’s Road thanks everyone for your submissions, and be on the look out, for there are plans to do the series again soon.

Today’s guest pick by Sarah Packingham, of Duluth, Minnesota, for the “Featured Artist and Song of the Day” is Virginia, Minnesota’s own, Preston Gunderson, with his song, “Accidental Love Letters,” off his album, While I Was Gone, which he self-released.  He wrote the song with Megan Littler, and the video is from his appearance on The PlayList/WDSE-TV.

When talking about his music, Gunderson said, “My music is something that completely incapsulates who I am, and some of the emotions I have felt along my journey! I hope that it may reach out to you in a special way, whether it makes you laugh, smile, dance, or cry, I hope it can be an emotional outlet for you as it is for me. Thanks again for checking out my music. I want this to be my career, and I’m glad I’ve realized how lucky I am to have such awesome friends and family who support me!”

In nominating Gunderson, Packingham said, “Preston Gunderson is one of the most talented and thoughtful musicians I have ever seen, especially at such a young age, for he recently turned 22.  Gunderson has been playing music with his mother since a young age, and can play nearly a dozen instruments.  He recently was asked to perform on PBS, here in Duluth, on The Playlist (see below), which has also seen the likes of popular Duluth band, Trampled by Turtles.  I first discovered Preston while coming across his YouTube video for his song “Accidental Love Letters,” which is on his latest album.  It’s a very creative and fun song.”

These words find their place in his song, “Accidental Love Letters,”

“You know I’m scared of what you’ll find. If you unlock, untwist, uncage my mind. I whisper low and soft and slowly confess. Inside my heart I’m nothin’ but a mess. I can’t explain can’t provide no rhythm or rhyme, why you’ve taken ahold of me this time.
You’re breaking my whole worlds apart. With these walls I’ve built around my heart. My eyes betray my secret soul, and leave me waiting out in the cold. Every moment leads back to you, and baby I can’t hide it…I’m fallin’ for you.
Chorus:  Not a single word I write to you, could say it any better, My heart and soul spilled out to you, in accidental love letters. Accidental Love Letters.
My Lips are under lock and key but I can’t deny the truth, all my accidental love letters were always written to you.
Bridge:  I’m guarding my heart in my hands, give it time and I will let it go. This is my hearts last stand. I love you and I thought you should know. yea baby I thought you should know

For updates, tour dates, and other news click on Gunderson’s Facebook Page, you can get his music on iTunes, and you can get check out more of his music at his ReverbNation page.  Here is Preston Gunderson, with his song, “Accidental Love Letters,” enjoy,


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We act completely independent, and work for the love of the music. We appreciate your support!